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proteo_2daysprog_01PROTEO is a progressive rock band from Trieste, Italy. The band began in 1996 playing mainstream rock, soon becoming interested in the progressive area. The band was formed by Marco Paulica on rhythm guitars and vocals, Matteo Copetti on lead guitar, Alessandro Surian on bass and Fabio Gorza on drums. The lineup has remained the same since the band’s formation until the present day.

After three self-published demos beginning in the late 90’s and more than 10 years together, after playing in “Trieste Rock Festival” as opener for Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, the band started to record its first official album: “Under A Red Polar Light”. Then the band signed with Ma.Ra.Cash Records and released the album worldwide in September 2009.

The work soon obtained some pleasant reviews and, in November 2009, won the “best prog debut album” award at “MEI prog contest 2009″ in Faenza, Italy.
Thanks to those unexpected results, the band was able to perform in some important festivals, such as “2 days prog 2010″ in Veruno and “eXProg 2010″ in Mogliano Veneto, sharing the stage with bands such as Pendragon, Gazpacho, Moongarden, Alex Carpani Band, Marillion and Carl Palmer or playing in other special events such as opener for Le Orme.

2013 is the year when their second album, “Republikflucht! …facing east” saw the light and strongly marked the stylistic evolution of the band. While the first album put Proteo in the warm embrace of prog-pop, “Republikflucht! …facing east” clearly shifts the band in the complex universe of neo-prog, without leaving the original pop-rock roots. This happens through weighted lyrics encapsulated in longer and more articulated compositions, where an easy feeling is still present, both in union and in contrast to more mature, structured and imaginative harmonic and rhythmic approaches.



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